Exhibition at Gauge Galley, Glebe. "Once by happenstance."

My painting “Night Opera house” is on display at my exhibition “ Once by happenstance “.

This is a collaborative show with 3 other artists and is at the Gauge gallery in Glebe, Sydney NSW.

We set up our exhibition on Monday and opened on Tuesday.

Monday was also the day “Jones’ on-air bullying of Opera House chief executive Louise Herron bellowed like the morning alarm. "Who the hell do you think you are? Your job is on the line ... I am going to get Gladys on the phone." Classic Jones pre-breakfast vitriol. ( SMH)

I was pissed off by this bloke and his bullying. He does it all the time.

So I have a painting on display of the opera house, so what do you do?

i cut a small plastic sheet to the shape of the main sail, used bluetack to hold it in position and now I have a bill board just like Alan Jones.

My intention is for a new comment to be placed onto this bill board and shared on Instagram. I have offered the space to members of the public to use as well, because Alan says that that is what it’s for.

Although his is for the benefit of his rich mates advertising for a horse race and for which they have paid $600,000 to enter each horse. Pretty obscene use for a public building don’t you think.

you can see my images of these efforts on Instagram @geoffhargravesartist