Once by Happenstance Exhibition is over.

I hav exhibited in a couple of exhibition previously, however this one I had much more to do in setting it up.

i found the gallery, accepted an offer to have an exhibition, however I decided that I wasn’t confident enough to have a solo show. I invited other artists on a social media site “Bluethumb” in Australia, and found 3 other artists who wanted to be involved.

Our exhibition lasted for 2 weeks, and I learnt several things.

I found that people liked my art enough to part with their money to own some of it.

i found that my pricing wasn’t too expensive, in fact I was told it was too inexpensive.

I engaged with people, telling them stories behind each piece, and the stories and the art seemed to be enjoyable for them.

I was able to observe people viewing my art, I could see what pieces people engaged with and those that people skipped over.

with some of my linocut reduction prints, some people appreciated works for the work that had gone I to the print, and some could only see it for the visual appeal. One not being more important that the other, but it was an interesting observation.

obh poster 2 large.jpeg